Real-time Market Pricing Data, Even for Non-contracted Items

How do you price products your facility has never ordered? Even with a contracted supplier, prices may vary from one hospital or surgery center to another. These non-file, off-contract items can inflate your total product spend if not carefully monitored. If you’re like most facilities, you need a way to check market pricing before you commit to a purchasing agreement. You can now use PriceChecker™ to determine what price you should pay for supplies, even for those you’ve never previously ordered.

Our PriceChecker™ application bridges the gap between what you need and what you should expect to pay. It enables you to evaluate real-time, market-relevant pricing by SKU for Med/Surg items.

Core Functionality

  • Connects you to market pricing data on products for which you may not have a purchasing history
  • Searches the BroadJump marketplace and instantaneously produces paid price points for a specific product purchased during the past 12 months
  • Provides additional detail behind each price point, including hospital demographics, annual quantity, and date purchased

You can then use this current, relevant data to determine what a reasonable, competitive price should be.

When negotiating with suppliers, you need to have facts and figures to secure fair pricing. With PriceChecker™, you have this real-time information at your fingertips.

Client Management

As a company invested in your success, our Client Management team provides coaching and support for your initiatives. The team works collaboratively with you to help you learn the platform, integrate the analyses into your workflows and strategically pursue savings opportunities in a systematic way.

Our Client Management team acts as your trusted advisor, serving as an extension of your team.

Every member of the team has extensive supply chain, clinical, value analysis or group purchasing organization experience.

These seasoned professionals:

Work collaboratively with you to identify savings opportunities across the range of your non-labor expense

Help you develop a reporting system to measure the key drivers of your expense over time, as well as the results of your savings execution strategy

Provide market insights and assist with preparation for supplier negotiations