Purchased Services Profiler

Actionable Data to Better Negotiate Your Purchased Services

At approximately 20% of total non-labor operating expense, service contracts are a key component of total expense for healthcare systems and surgery centers.

Transparency is here. If you run a hospital or ASC, you are addressing this already on the consumer front, because patients demand it. With average hospital margins shrinking and financial pressures mounting, that same sort of discipline must also be applied to what hospitals pay their vendors and suppliers.

Our Purchased Services Profiler™ application provides transparency into key service options and pricing, empowering you to more quickly source and negotiate service contracts while achieving savings.

Core Functionality

  • Establishes category-specific metrics on which comparison are made
  • Provides data to compare service providers for each service offering
  • Help identify service contracts that are not market competitive
  • Enables collaboration between multiple stakeholders across an organization
  • Supports real-time benchmarking results on-demand
  • Provides key negotiation tips sourced from category experts

Our category analyses make it easy to stay abreast of all purchased services activities and contracts, so you have the historical context to make services negotiation decisions.

Relevant Insights & Resources

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