Dynamic Spend Intelligence

Mission Control for Non-Labor Expense Management

As non-labor expenses purchases continue to represent the second leading operating expense for hospitals and health systems, it’s highly important that healthcare organizations have visibility into these costs and a simple way to manage and measure them. Dynamic Spend Intelligence provides a centralized view of non-labor purchases for your entire facility or system, regardless of ERPs. The flexibility of Dynamic Spend Intelligence allows you to easily navigate more than 250 categories and focus in on the SKU level to obtain line-item detail.

With Dynamic Spend Intelligence, you get the answers to your most pressing questions:

  • What drivers are most impacting your spend?
  • How is your category spend trending over time? How does this compare to your peers?
  • Have new product introductions gone through your value analysis process? Are they on contract?
  • Which categories or line items offer the greatest opportunities for savings?
  • Are you meeting your budgeted savings goals?

Dynamic Spend Intelligence simplifies data access from all these sources and provides relevant purchase data that quickly and easily identifies opportunities for improvement. It truly is mission control for non-labor purchases.

The platform integrates seamlessly with BroadJump’s entire suite of sourcing applications, providing visibility into all non-labor purchases.

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