Lowering Surgical Procedure Costs by Controlling Costly Device Pricing and Utilization

What if you could have visibility into your total supply cost by procedure, by physician, across your entire healthcare system or center? What if you had a sourcing application that could substantially lower surgical procedure costs without any device changes? Both of these are achievable with ProcedureProfiler™ and can be accomplished with minimal investment and a 6 month ROI.

Commonly, sourcing, supply chain and value analysis teams are challenged by data latency and seamless access to the required data needed to conduct a comprehensive analysis on device pricing and utilization to reduce or eliminate variation. Disparate data sets across multiple systems hinders the ability and timing to achieve clinical integration, and worse yet, real-time transparency into non-labor supply costs.

ProcedureProfiler™ is our powerful sourcing application that provides visibility into procedure level device pricing and utilization linked to DRGs, CPTs and ICD codes.

ProcedureProfiler™ helps our clients lower device pricing and drive utilization improvements at the procedure level, and provides the necessary data to enable physician engagement with supply chain, sourcing and value analysis teams.

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