BroadJump Releases Third Generation Supply Chain Cost Transparency Platform

New platform delivers enhanced user interface, new algorithms to help hospitals leverage purchasing power to achieve supply chain savings

Dallas, TX, March 07, 2017 – BroadJump, LLC, a leader in advocating for supply chain cost transparency through web-based data and analytics tools, announced today that it has launched the third generation of its medical and surgical expense analytics platform. This release includes a fully overhauled user interface – designed to make complex operations executable through just a couple of clicks – and major upgrades to the company’s AutoPricer™ and PriceChecker™ products.

Goods and services – including supplies – are the fastest-growing expense category for U.S. hospitals. (1) BroadJump’s easy-to-use online tools help hospitals assess the favorability of their pricing compared to other hospitals, identify savings opportunities and improve contracting speed and efficiency.

The new platform will allow BroadJump clients to identify supply chain savings opportunities more quickly, validate and compare proposed pricing, track the impact of price negotiations and compare expected and realized savings. Specific enhancements include the following:

  • Ability to upload and compare price proposals to current and market pricing – for products the client buys regularly and products the client has never purchased;
  • Ability to check prices on multiple products at the same time and to create custom market baskets for on-going research;
  • Sole Source Summary identifying opportunities in highly compliant categories; and
  • For Multi-Hospital Systems, price parity summary identifying opportunities for savings by using prices within the hospital’s own system

“BroadJump’s redesigned visual interface provides users with an enhanced experience that is clean and simple to use,” said David Ricker, founder, chairman and CEO. “A key focus of the redesign was to make the site even easier to use while providing advanced features that will be valued by the savviest of supply chain teams.”

About BroadJump, LLC

BroadJump, LLC (BroadJump) delivers supply chain analytics that drive greater efficiency and enable hospitals and health systems to manage their supply costs on-demand. Through the use of its Web-based applications, BroadJump’s clients gain access to neutral, unbiased analysis of supply chain costs. The company’s in-depth reporting provides insight into each client’s true costs, and how those costs compare to its peers. The BroadJump platform is powered by the fastest growing and most up-to-date repository of healthcare supply chain data available anywhere. For more information, please visit


(1) Sherry Glied, Stephanie Ma, Claudia Solis-Román, “Where the Money Goes: The Evolving Expenses of the U.S. Health Care System,” Health Affairs, July 2016