Gain Immediate Access to Real-time Market Pricing Data for Non-contracted Medical-Surgical Purchase Items

PriceChecker™ allows our clients to take charge of and control over non-contracted medical-surgical supply purchases. Non-file, off-contract supply purchases often inflate total supply spend due to the limitation of visibility into such products.

Our PriceChecker™ application bridges the gap between what you need and what you should expect to pay. It simply and efficiently enables our clients to evaluate real-time, market-relevant pricing by SKU for non-file, off-contract medical-surgical items.

Core Functionality

  • Connects you to market pricing data on products for which you may not have a purchasing history, i.e. PPE products
  • Searches the BroadJump marketplace and instantaneously produces paid price points for a specific product purchased during the past 12 months
  • Provides additional detail behind each price point, including hospital demographics, annual quantity and date purchased

You can then use this current, relevant data to determine what a reasonable, competitive price should be.

When negotiating with suppliers, sourcing resources need to have facts and figures to secure fair market pricing. With PriceChecker™, our clients have this real-time information at their fingertips to get the price they deserve.