Your Automated, Intelligent Workplan for Prioritizing Success

Standard project management workplans are unorganized and impractical in accounting for all the factors needed to accurately prioritize ongoing projects. They include endless spreadsheets that are often unintegrated and difficult to update, leading to an incomplete picture of non-labor expense and millions of dollars being left on the table. Playbook integrates your data into one common location, maximizing your time and energy investment for the biggest return. This digital platform uses robust algorithms to create a customized, actionable workplan that does the work for you, so you spend less time looking for opportunities and more time executing them. It’s your curated guide to complete spend management.

Playbook’s™ smart prioritization answers the question of ‘What do I work on next?’ using: 

  • Data aggregation and standardization
  • Purchase history
  • Operational statistics, including ongoing and previously completed initiatives
  • BroadJump’s comparative market analytics
  • Reporting metrics that identify changes in your purchasing patterns
  • Robust algorithms that bring the best overall opportunities to your attention

Playbook “cuts through the noise” by integrating thousands of data points into one dynamic platform, minimizing the need to scour data throughout multiple applications and reports and reducing the time from identification to realization of opportunities.

Playbook incorporates intelligence from all BroadJump applications into one user-friendly interface, with easy navigation back to the supporting applications. Plus, it offers a pathway to collaboration and effective documentation to track what initiatves your team is working on and which approaches have been most successful.

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