Dynamic Spend Intelligence

Mission Control for Expense Management™

As non-labor expenses continue to rise, healthcare organizations must look for ways to control costs. Dynamic Spend Intelligence provides a centralized view of spend analytics for your entire facility or system. The flexibility of Dynamic Spend Intelligence allows you to easily navigate from high-level intelligence to category summaries and line-item detail.

With Dynamic Spend Intelligence, you get the answers to your most pressing questions:

  • Are you meeting your savings goals?
  • What drivers are most impacting your spend?
  • How is your category spend trending over time? How does this compare to your peers?
  • Have new product introductions gone through your value analysis process? Are they on contract?
  • Where are your greatest opportunities for savings?

Core Functionality

Collects expense data into one dashboard:


Aggregates data from multiple entities:


Enables your team to mine data by:


Dynamic Spend Intelligence simplifies data access from all these sources and provides relevant analytics that quickly and easily identify opportunities for improvement. It truly is “Mission control for expense management™.”

The platform integrates seamlessly with BroadJump’s entire suite of spend management solutions, including AutoPricer and ProcedureProfiler, to provide additional visibility into opportunities within an organization’s purchased services and supplies.

Client Management

As a company invested in your success, our Client Management team provides coaching and support for your initiatives. The team works collaboratively with you to help you learn the platform, integrate the analyses into your workflows and strategically pursue savings opportunities in a systematic way.

Our Client Management team acts as your trusted advisor, serving as an extension of your team.

Every member of the team has extensive supply chain, clinical, value analysis or group purchasing organization experience.

These seasoned professionals:

Work collaboratively with you to identify savings opportunities across the range of your non-labor expense

Help you develop a reporting system to measure the key drivers of your expense over time, as well as the results of your savings execution strategy

Provide market insights and assist with preparation for supplier negotiations

Relevant Insights & Resources

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