BroadJump Introduces Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ at IDN Fall Summit 2018

New Platform Unites Healthcare Expense Data in a Single Dashboard

DALLAS, TEXAS – September 17, 2018 – BroadJump, the leader in comparative analytics for the healthcare industry, is introducing its new expense management platform at the IDN Fall Summit in Phoenix, Arizona on September 17. Dynamic Spend Intelligenceprovides a web-based, centralized view of all non-labor expense, along with category specific, comparable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enabling healthcare systems and facilities to easily identify areas for expense management improvement.

Multiple Data Sources in a Single Dashboard

Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ consolidates purchase data from multiples sources for supplies, pharmaceuticals, procedures, purchased services and capital expenses, combining them into a single dashboard. BroadJump clients are able to see high-level trends and comparative summaries, and then navigate down to line-item detail as needed, all from one application. “IDN Fall Summit attendees know the challenges of tracking expense data across multiple vendors, ERP systems and pharmacy wholesalers. Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ simplifies data access from all these sources and provides relevant analytics that quickly and easily identify opportunities for improvement,” says BroadJump chief operating officer Greg Corban. “We like to call it ‘mission control for expense management™’”.

Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ Enables Data Mining

The platform allows the user to mine data by segment, department, general ledger, sourcing category or manufacturer. It integrates seamlessly with BroadJump’s entire suite of comparative analytics applications, including AutoPricer and ProcedureProfiler, to provide additional visibility into opportunities within an organization’s purchased supplies and services. BroadJump representatives will be in attendance at this year’s IDN Fall Summit to answer questions and provide demonstrations of the new product.

About BroadJump

BroadJump is a comparative analytics company that delivers transparency to healthcare expense management. Using its Web-based applications, BroadJump’s clients gain access to comprehensive, unbiased insights that result in improved efficiency and care. For more information, please visit