Mosaic Life Care saves $400,000 in less than one month with BroadJump’s solutions without changing one SKU or affecting clinical practice


Mosaic Life Care, a provider for the next generation of healthcare, is nationally recognized for its quality, value and patient experience in and around St. Joseph, Missouri. Mosaic Life Care secures its commitment to the health, well-being and vitality of the communities it serves by offering health-related initiatives and opportunities. Mosaic Life Care is dedicated to improving care delivery through high-quality, data-driven and evidence-based medical care.


Mosaic Life Care provides traditional healthcare along with key life elements that affect overall wellness. Services range from family care to urgent care, emergency care and a large variety of specialty care options, meaning staff must always have access to standard and specialty medical equipment. Considering Physician Preference Items (PPI) typically account for a high percentage of supply chain expense, Mosaic Life Care needed a way to ensure that their pricing was competitive across all vendors and to speed up the negotiation process for new product contracts.

With a wide range of services offered and products needed, Mosaic Life Care’s Vice President of Supply Chain, Sean Poellnitz, BS, CHRM, sought an easy, efficient way to monitor medical-surgical product pricing. Poellnitz previously worked with BroadJump at another healthcare organization and knew the level of transparency offered through its solutions would provide the visibility needed to achieve the goals of the supply chain team.


Poellnitz employed BroadJump’s AutoPricer and PriceChecker solutions to better understand Mosaic Life Care’s supply chain expense. Using these solutions, Poellnitz and his team were able to track current medical-surgical pricing to discover savings opportunities through the pricing of peer facilities with similar spend, volume and market share, as well as analyze quotes and proposals to negotiate lower pricing.

Mosaic Life Care utilized BroadJump’s real-time repository of expense data from facilities across the nation to determine realistic opportunities with pricelist-to-pricelist comparisons. The supply chain team was able to reduce costs across several Physician Preference Items, resulting in significant savings.

“BroadJump simply represents a game-changing sourcing intelligence platform that enables us to craft creditable sourcing strategies for medical-surgical product negotiations,” said Poellnitz, “I have personally used BroadJump at two different health systems now, and both times the results were outstanding. As a Supply Chain Executive, BroadJump gives us the ability to forecast and bring home the real savings that we promised our CFO.”


In the first month using BroadJump’s AutoPricer and PriceChecker solutions, Mosaic Life Care realized more than $400,000 in savings without changing one SKU or affecting current clinical practice in any way.

Mosaic Life Care now has a BroadJump “superuser” who works consistently with their BroadJump Client Executive to discover product categories with attainable savings opportunities and expedite supplier negotiations. Mosaic Life Care is aggressively pursuing additional savings and relies on BroadJump as a dedicated resource.