Jackson Health System Saves $11,000,000 Over Three Years Using BroadJump’s AutoPricer™ and PriceChecker™ Solutions 


Jackson Health System is a nonprofit academic medical system offering world-class care. Governed by the Public Health Trust, a team of citizen volunteers acting on behalf of the Miami-Dade County government, Jackson Health System ensures all residents of Miami-Dade County receive a single high standard of care, regardless of their ability to pay. 

As an integrated healthcare delivery system, Jackson Health System consists of its centerpiece, Jackson Memorial Hospital; Jackson South Medical Center, Jackson North Medical Center, Holtz Children’s Hospital, Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital, Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, a network of UHealth Jackson Urgent Care centers, multiple primary care and specialty care centers; two long-term care nursing facilities; and a team of Corrections Health Services clinics. The Jackson West Medical Center campus, set to open in 2020 in the City of Doral, will feature adult and pediatric emergency rooms, numerous outpatient services and the 100-bed Jose Milton Memorial Hospital.

Managing supply chain expense with Jackson Health System


As one of the nation’s largest public healthcare networks and a vital part of the South Florida community, Jackson Health System sees hundreds of thousands of patients every year. This level and variety of care services requires a multitude of standard and specialty medical equipment in all facilities. In order to offer the best care possible, the health system is consistently assessing its services and adding new medical technology. 

Jackson Health System’s supply chain team needed access to insightful data analytics to manage the system’s expenses and lower costs, while keeping up with the latest medical technologies and procedures. The supply chain department was looking for a way to identify fair pricing for the variety of products they purchased, for everything from gloves to orthopedic implants, to ensure they had control over every aspect of spend. Jackson Health System’s supply chain team also needed the ability to price new items the organization had never purchased as their health system expanded its services. 


Jackson Health System chose to explore the innovative technologies offered by BroadJump to obtain the data-driven insights its team needed to enhance supplier negotiations. 

With BroadJump’s AutoPricer and PriceChecker solutions, Jackson Health System gained access to real-time data analytics covering their medical-surgical expense. The supply chain team utilized BroadJump’s AutoPricer to identify attainable savings opportunities in medical-surgical categories and PriceChecker to check market pricing on off-contract items, as well as “spot check” other items. These solutions organize product pricing based on category, spend, volume and market share, so Jackson Health System was armed with the data needed to negotiate lower costs. 


Jackson Health System was able to realize significant savings across multiple categories with the analyses provided by BroadJump’s solutions.

“We were one of the first systems to begin using AutoPricer and PriceChecker,” said Rosa Costanzo, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Jackson Health System. “During the past three years, we have saved more than $11,000,000 using the powerful information contained within these solutions.”