BroadJump Expands Pharmacy Solutions with Launch of PharmaChecker™

Real-time pharmacy pricing data, even for off-contract drugs

DALLAS, TEXAS – January 23, 2020 – BroadJump introduces PharmaChecker™, the newest addition to its portfolio of spend management solutions. As a complement to the PharmaPricer™ solution, PharmaChecker further expands BroadJump’s reach into the pharmacy supply chain by providing healthcare organizations with a way to manage, monitor and effectively negotiate pricing for pharmaceuticals they have never purchased.

PharmaChecker allows healthcare organizations to evaluate market-relevant pricing for pharmaceuticals in real-time, viewing market dynamics for any National Drug Code. “While PharmaPricer allows you to view current, contracted prices annualized, PharmaChecker will allow you to look up contracted items that you see in PharmaPricer, as well as your non-contracted items that you could be purchasing,” says Cloe Talamini, Manager of Pharmacy Solutions at BroadJump. “Being able to evaluate when your manufacturers increase prices or decrease prices really allows you to see where the price is, where has it been and where is it going.”

With PharmaChecker, you obtain market pricing data on drugs for which your organization may not have a purchasing history, including the ability to analyze price trends over time and to produce paid price points for specific pharmaceuticals purchased within the last 12 months. You also have the flexibility to define your organization and peers by Classes of Trade and to toggle between different account types to help manage spend and determine realistic savings opportunities.

PharmaChecker integrates seamlessly with BroadJump’s portfolio of spend management solutions, giving you the resources your organization needs to manage your entire non-labor expense. Additionally, BroadJump’s Client Management team provides the support and expertise to help you identify savings opportunities and negotiate with suppliers to ensure you’re receiving a fair, competitive price for off-contract drugs.

About BroadJump

BroadJump is a spend management company that offers a portfolio of solutions driven by advanced, comparative analytics that provide unprecedented visibility into a healthcare organization’s entire non-labor expense. For more information, please visit