BroadJump Announces ProcedureProfiler™

New application connects supply chain and clinical data to provide utilization and practice standardization intelligence

DALLAS, TEXAS – June 28, 2018 – BroadJump, the industry leader in the delivery of healthcare data analysis for expense management, announced today that its latest application is available to healthcare organizations nationwide. The application, ProcedureProfiler™, combines an organization’s supply chain and electronic medical records data to provide procedure-level utilization insights and identify opportunities for standardization by procedure.

ProcedureProfiler™ allows organizations to track actual costs for an individual procedure by physician, manufacturer, product classification and location over any time period. “There is a great need for healthcare organizations to track costs the same way they work, which is by procedure. ProcedureProfiler addresses that need with a robust intelligence solution that provides unprecedented visibility into utilization,” says BroadJump chief operating officer Greg Corban. “ProcedureProfiler will help healthcare executives identify best practices in materials usage and procedure protocols, impacting savings and ultimately the quality of care given to patients.”

ProcedureProfiler™ is powered by BroadJump’s industry-leading technology and works in concert with the other applications in the company’s platform, including AutoPricer™, to help organizations improve utilization and reduce spend across their system or facility.

About BroadJump

BroadJump LLC is a data analysis company that changes how healthcare providers control expenses. Using its Web-based platform, BroadJump’s clients gain access to comprehensive, unbiased analytics that provide unprecedented insight into product costs and procedure product usage.

Combining smart, actionable analysis along with support from BroadJump healthcare experts, clients can improve efficiency of care and implement factually based expense management decisions. For more information, please visit