Perspectives from Cheryl Weatherford, EVP of Client Management

BroadJump enables our clients’ speed to value

Cheryl is passionate about the transparency of information and pricing in healthcare. The twenty-five years of experience that Cheryl has under her belt in the provider and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) segments of the industry enables her to truly understand how the healthcare supply chain works.

“BroadJump has built a robust database and a technology platform that empowers providers to establish fair pricing with their suppliers. We know healthcare sourcing inside and out, so we’ve been able to filter and categorize our data into segments that really work,” says Cheryl.

The Client Management team’s main goal is to help clients successfully utilize the robust healthcare spend data and technology from BroadJump to meet their value-based purchasing objectives. The team is a hands-on resource that looks at each provider’s expense management program and reporting from an operational perspective. They possess the necessary industry experience to partner with their clients and provide a framework for success.

Cheryl and her team know what their clients’ priorities are when it comes to healthcare cost management. The Client Management team is a group of trusted advisors that can be accessed for guidance around:

  • reviewing market insights and healthcare spend analytics
  • identifying strategic opportunities for savings
  • designing reporting systems to measure results of savings strategies
  • identifying best practices in procedure materials utilization
  • preparing for supplier negotiations 
Cheryl notes that “As consumers, we all go to the internet to comparison shop and look at prices for the goods we buy. This is the level of transparency and knowledge BroadJump is able to provide in healthcare. We all win if suppliers work with providers to provide pricing that is fair and sustainable – that is the dialogue we get to help facilitate.”

By leveraging BroadJump’s technology and Client Management team, providers are able to achieve their savings goals faster and make their RFP/RFI process more efficient.

Some clients even say they don’t make purchasing decisions unless they ‘BroadJump it’ first.

The Client Management Team is a specialized resource at BroadJump and they look forward to helping your organization Spend Wisely™.