Maximizing Your Savings

Our mantra is “speed to value”. We make sure you get the most from our applications by significantly reducing the time from recognition to realization of savings and providing guidance and best practices every step of the way.

BroadJump’s suite of applications offer everything you need to enhance your expense management workflow, starting with Dynamic Spend Intelligence™. This application provides a dashboard of all your non-labor expense categories.

Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ shows you how your spend is trending across your supply chain. Let’s say you see some indications that costs are up in a specific category. On-demand reporting will identify the driving factors behind the changes in your spend. If your price is trending upwards or there is indication of market opportunity, AutoPricer™ allows you to compare your pricing, market share and spend volume to your BroadJump peers to identify potential savings. If it’s your pharmacy supply chain that needs help, you can use PharmaPricer™ to analyze price by different account types.

Or, maybe you want to focus on utilization and highlight best practices among your surgeons – you can use Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ to monitor your overall procedure costs and then navigate to ProcedureProfiler™ to identify the source of variation. This application will help you pinpoint best practices to improve utilization and savings.

With BroadJump, your supply chain, pharmacy, procedure and purchased services costs are all covered. The possibilities – rather, the savings opportunities – are endless. Our suite of applications works together seamlessly, so you can monitor your entire non-labor expense. We factor in key performance metrics and produce pricelist-to-pricelist comparisons to identify how much you are overpaying for products. Plus, we work with a variety of clients – GPOs, academic medical centers, surgery centers, IDNs, rural community hospitals, critical access facilities and more – meaning our spend analytics represent the entire market.

Our Client Management team is your support system throughout your journey to realizing savings. Not only do our Client Managers help you uncover opportunities and track your expenses, they also prep your team for supplier negotiations. We work with you to build a savings plan and provide direction on negotiations, whether by email, phone or in-person. Our team helps you determine what the best approach is depending on your strategy.

When it’s time to share your progress, we make it easy for you to report your results all the way up and down your reporting chain. Every aspect of BroadJump’s applications are exportable and downloadable, so you have everything you need to drive decisions and negotiate with suppliers.