How it Works 101

—  Consultation to define goals
—  Data feed integration
—  Data integrity
—  Savings opportunities analysis
—  Reporting
—  Negotiation Planning


Our Client Managers will work with your team to determine how you can maximize your potential with BroadJump’s applications. During the first consultation, we will discuss your organization’s goals, whether it’s identifying savings opportunities, improving utilization, increasing efficiency or integrating data. Whatever your goal, we have the solutions and we can tailor them to fit your needs. Our team will then walk you through exactly what happens once your data is uploaded into our system and how you can easily navigate through our applications to get your results.


Integrating our applications with your operations is a quick, streamlined process. Our team works with yours to set up a secure feed, then we receive data files transmitted on a monthly basis from each of your systems – ERPs, EMRs, wholesalers – depending on which applications you’re using. Our analysts take it from there.

Data Integrity

We use only closed invoice data, meaning every price shown in our applications is the actual price paid by the facility. We also use your last price paid to confirm we’re capturing the most current prices in the market. This guarantee of data integrity ensures you’re using the most accurate pricing information available when negotiating with suppliers.


We’ve built a proprietary engine that intakes all different types of data. Once your data enters our system it undergoes a multilevel recognition process. Our analyst team provides the best blend of machine learning and human oversight. First, the data is cleansed and standardized, enriched with categorization, and thoroughly reviewed to identify and correct potential outliers. Then, our system performs billions of calculations on a nightly basis to produce your customized savings opportunities.


With the training and support from our Client Management team and our library of resources, your team will be using our applications within a few days. Our Client Managers are there to help you get the most out of our solutions, from identifying opportunities to achieving and tracking savings. Your Client Manager will help you monitor your data to pinpoint what areas you should focus on, where there is an opportunity for change and how you can implement best practices. They will work with you to ensure you’re meeting your goals and help you report your progress to management.


The resulting normalized data is published to our applications in a usable, actionable format in a minimal amount of time. What you see is trustworthy data from your organization and hundreds of peer facilities, enhanced with intelligent, comparative algorithms that show you exactly how your organization is performing.

Negotiation Prep

When it’s time to put your data to work, your Client Manager has all the tools you need for successful negotiations. Every aspect of BroadJump’s applications is downloadable and exportable, so you can have all the materials necessary to support your requests and verify fair pricing. Additionally, our Client Management team has everything you need to prep for negotiations – they can provide you with email templates, talking points. At BroadJump, we work alongside you to turn your data into results.