Technology Overview

BroadJump's suite of interactive, Web-based tools allows hospital staff to drive efficiencies and manage their costs on-demand based on the most up-to-date information available in the market.

Historically, hospitals have overpaid for supplies and medical devices due to a lack of pricing transparency and inefficient supply chain processes. Until BroadJump, there were no efficient, easy-to-use data analytics available for providers to manage this area effectively, causing hospitals to leave hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the table.

BroadJump delivers the industry’s smartest data repository of healthcare purchasing data, allowing hospitals to reduce the contracting process that could take months down to minutes, and providing the industry a brand new way of handling the healthcare supply chain.

BroadJump's easy-to-use, online automated sourcing application addresses two fundamental challenges in supply chain management: 1) we create complete transparency about what hospitals pay for the items purchased today and 2) we provide tools to help hospitals leverage this information to achieve and negotiate better pricing for the exact items they are currently purchasing from existing suppliers.

At BroadJump, we know that the fastest way for hospitals to drive savings is to lower pricing for the products they buy today. Our goal is to help hospitals save money on the products they already purchase.