Gain Insight into Your Medical Procedure Costs

ProcedureProfiler™, our powerful online research solution, provides visibility from the service line down to the DRG, CPT, and ICD code levels.

Historically, supply chain teams haven’t had access to the data needed to analyze utilization variation when it comes to supplies. Disparate data sets across multiple systems and lack of clinical integration have been the primary hindrances. You need your supply chain and physicians to be on the same page.

What if you could have visibility into your total supply cost by procedure, by physician, across your entire healthcare system or center?

Core Functionality

Track costs over any time period by:

  • Gain visibility into average cost and cost range for each procedure
  • Customize and save data sets to zero in on like-to-like procedures
  • Investigate the use and outcomes associated with a specific product

ProcedureProfiler™ helps you drive utilization improvements at the procedure level across your entire system or facility and enables physician engagement with your supply chain.

Client Management

As a company invested in your success, our Client Management team provides coaching and support for your initiatives. The team works collaboratively with you to help you learn the platform, integrate the analyses into your workflows and strategically pursue savings opportunities in a systematic way.

Our Client Management team acts as your trusted advisor, serving as an extension of your team.

Every member of the team has extensive supply chain, clinical, value analysis or group purchasing organization experience.

These seasoned professionals:

Work collaboratively with you to identify savings opportunities across the range of your non-labor expense

Help you develop a reporting system to measure the key drivers of your expense over time, as well as the results of your savings execution strategy

Provide market insights and assist with preparation for supplier negotiations

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