BroadJump, LLC offers the following core functionalities: Med/Surg, Reporting, and Purchased Services.

Key differentiators of the BroadJump technology platform:

•   BroadJump data is current
•   Immediate access to actionable data
•   100% participation – all clients submit data



BroadJump's AutoPricer tool is the most sophisticated, yet intuitive, technology available for analyzing Medical-Surgical expense. It represents an exclusive offering to the marketplace. AutoPricer was conceived with the aim of balancing negotiating power between suppliers and hospitals and significantly reducing the cycle time to renegotiate pricing agreements. Today, hospitals may spend months gathering information to negotiate a single pricing amendment. Even then, they may lack meaningful pricing information with which to negotiate.

AutoPricer allows hospitals to easily identify product categories with attainable savings opportunities, and generate an amended price list that is based on what a peer facility is paying for the same items. This tool reduces a cumbersome process that can take months to an efficient, on-line process that will only take minutes.

AutoPricer analyzes spend by category; such as stents, suture, or gloves, to mirror the way contracts are done between suppliers and hospitals. AutoPricer searches BroadJump’s database to determine the range of cost savings available by comparison to what other hospitals with a similar product mix are paying. A revised price list by SKU is generated and customers are able to seamlessly integrate this list with a pre-approved pricing amendment template from BroadJump’s online library.


BroadJump’s PriceChecker tool allows hospital buyers to evaluate market prices on products for which they may not have a purchasing history. PriceChecker focuses on non-file, off contract items, creating value when hospitals plan to introduce a new product.

The PriceChecker tool is completely intuitive and simple to use. With just three keystrokes, our system searches the BroadJump marketplace and instantaneously produces paid price points for a specific product purchased the last 120 days.


We offer a comprehensive suite of reports that demonstrate what is driving total supply expense and pinpoints precise areas of spend warranting a hospital’s focus.

Clear, concise BroadJump Reports provide insight into why your supply expense is increasing or decreasing. The ability to drill down to the company, category level and individual product SKU puts powerful, actionable information at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

Purchased Services

Purchased Services are critical to supporting the operations of the health system. On average, health systems spend as much on services as they do on their product supply chain, approximately 20% of their total operating expense. While these services are essential, effective contracting can be challenging. Difficulties stem from internal and organizational demands, process-related dilemmas, and vendor management.

BroadJump has developed a unique solution that does not exist in the industry today. Our comprehensive solution addresses all services in a consistent, simple and easy to understand manner. It provides tools and information to compare and contrast service providers for each service offering, ensuring health systems receive market competitive agreements. Services include: physical plant support, patient and staff support, medical equipment maintenance, general administrative, distribution, insurance, employee, business and clinical.

We bring transparency to purchased services, shifting leverage and balance of power to health systems. BroadJump’s Purchased Services Benefits:

  • Provides transparency into key service options and pricing
  • Helps hospitals identify service contracts that are not market competitive
  • Real-time and immediate benchmarking results on-demand
  • Delivers actionable information for health care organizations to quickly source and negotiate service contracts to achieve savings