How We Work

We’ve probably all been through the experience of buying a business application and then, contrary to the vendor’s promises, been left to figure it out on our own. Our goal is to provide a complete solution, not just a piece of software.

We know first-hand that managing expenses and multiple contracts in a healthcare organization is hard work. Our sales and Client Management teams work together with you to craft the best solution for your unique needs, and once the engagement begins Client Management is tasked with ongoing support to consistently educate and empower you to be your own best advocate.

Our goal is a smooth transition for every client. When you partner with BroadJump, you aren’t just buying software, you’re buying the knowledge and support needed to set you on the path to success.

We equip you with solutions that deliver pricing transparency that up until now hasn’t been available to you. We work together with you to help you hit your personal goals, amplify your role in your organization, and help your organization achieve its goals in the process.

We are driven to help your organization improve healthcare cost management.

What You Can Expect to Gain

Industry expertise —
Our team members backgrounds include GPOs, healthcare supply chain management, and value analysis.

Extensive training —
We get you up to speed quickly on how to use our applications, and we provide ongoing assistance as you need it.

Long-term vision —
We provide insight into how to establish savings priorities and prepare you for contract negotiations with ongoing reporting and personal guidance.