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True market transparency is the most impactful tool to control your overall financial health.

Ann Castro Vice President, Business Development

Our Web-based applications deliver actionable data to give surgery centers control over high spend categories, like Physician Preference Items (PPI).

Patients are increasingly demanding pricing transparency before paying for a procedure. As a surgery center, what is your strategy for demanding this same transparency from your vendors?

In an outpatient setting, Physician Preference Items (PPI) typically account for the highest percentage of supply chain expense.

Market visibility in this area can be the most impactful tool to control your ambulatory surgery center’s overall financial health. BroadJump’s Web-based applications give you control over these high spend categories by delivering actionable data to help you:

Our on-demand analytics have identified price variances of up to 442% for everything from common supplies to implants.

With AutoPricer, you can easily identify medical-surgical categories with attainable savings opportunities and level the playing field when negotiating with suppliers.

PriceChecker allows you to determine what a competitive price should be for supplies you’ve never previously ordered, so you’re prepared with current, relevant data before committing to a purchasing agreement.

As the industry moves toward value-based care, BroadJump is focused on building solutions that provide true transparency into the current marketplace to help you negotiate with suppliers, sustain cost savings and maximize efficiency.

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